Design Visualizer for Synthetic Biology

Syntax: A list of type [name] [color] [nl] where type is one of p, P, c, r, t, T, s, o, >, <, | or - ; a blank line; followed by name ind | rep name There are 14 colors labeled 1 to 14. These appear as the third item in each line. Even numbers are darker versions of the odd numbered colors in the following order of hues: blue, green, red, orange, purple, yellow, and black. An ``nl'' as a fourth item removes the label for that element. Characters < and > before p and c give inverse p and c.

Color codes:

Glyph codes:

TIP: You can access Pigeon via Perl using pigget.pl.

TIP: You can provide feedback on Pigeon through the Pigeon Forum here.

TIP: You can find Pigeon examples here.

TIP: You can read about Pigeon here.

TIP: Try out the new Pigeon GUI here.

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