Swapnil Bhatia

UPDATE: I am a Distinguished Engineer and Head of DNA Computing at CATALOG, building molecular data storage and computing!

I was a Research Assistant Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at Boston University 🏯.
I work on developing algorithms and software tools for synthetic bioengineering 🔬.
bhatia dot swapnil at gmail
♞ 8 Saint Mary's St. PHO 514 Boston, MA

🗁 Current projects NSF Expedition in Programming Biology | Puppeteer | Pigeon | Finch | Recombinase computing | READ
💻 Software synbiotools.org
🗀 Past projects TASBE | Proteomics | Data networks
🐒 Current students Tiffany Chen Wu | Tammy Qiu
🦁 Alumni Michael Gajda | Aidi Liu | Andy Li | Johnson Lam | Daniel Zeng (UC Berkeley) | Adam Dehovitz (Stuyvesant, Brown) | Alejandro Pelaez Lechuga (Kayak)
(I am always looking for driven, creative, and hard working students 🐬.)
🔭 Research Papers
📰 News SBIR | iCORPs | RAP
🕌 Affiliations NIST, SBOL, iGEM, IEEE, ACM

⚡ Highlights

🏆 NSF SBIR NSF Expeditions 🏆

📕 B Weinberg, NTH Pham, LD Caraballo, T Lozanoski, A Engel, S. Bhatia, and W Wong
``Large-scale design of robust genetic circuits with multiple inputs and outputs for mammalian cells,'' Nature Biotechnology, 2017.
(journal link) (WIRED) (Science Magazine)
📕 S. Bhatia, C. LaBoda, V. Yanez, T. Haddock-Angelli, and D. Densmore,
``Permutation Machines,'' ACS Synthetic Biology, Special Issue on Programming Biology, 2016.
(journal link)
📕 P. Vaidyanathan, B. Der, S. Bhatia, et al. ``A framework for Genetic Logic Synthesis'' accepted into Proceedings of the IEEE   Special Issue.
📕 Smanski MJ, Bhatia S, et al. ``Functional optimization of gene clusters by combinatorial design and assembly.'' accepted into Nature Biotechnology. (Press)

My old web page may be found here.